JohnEll Salon
Medical Arts Building, Downtown Mpls

About Me

I began cutting hair in my own salon more than 15 years ago. I'm one of those lucky people who really loves their work. It's really satisfying to help someone look their best and step out into the world with a new confidence. Throughout that time, even though I completely enjoyed my work, I longed for a bit of travel and a little more adventure. Along the way I learned French. Then I applied to be an attendant for Delta Airlines and was accepted. Once that happened, I got the chance to combine the best of all worlds. Half the time I fly for Delta, often serving as the flight translator for the direct flight from Minneapolis to Paris.  The other half of the time I'm in my salon doing the work I love. When you look at my schedule you'll see some days blocked out for my other life - Delta travel. The other days are specifically reserved for the salon.

Thank you 


( Merci ! )